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Staff Meeting

Licensed Providers - Join Us

Together, we can make a difference.

We make the process as easy as 1, 2, 3 

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1. Learn about us!

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2. Agree with our vision

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3. Register

1. Learn about us. 

Who will I serve?

We serve military, veterans, first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement, medical workers, and those affected by trauma due to the nature of their occupation. 

How will I serve?

You will provide confidential trauma-specific mental health services to individuals in West Virginia and their families who are affected by traumatic situations. 

Will I be compensated for my services?

Yes. We have generous donors who make this possible. We offer a set fee for each session to honor your time. 

What are the licensing requirements?

  • You must be in good standing with your licensing board for the last two consecutive years.

  • Professional counselors must have the highest license the state required to practice independently (ie LPC). No provisionally licensed. 

  • Social workers must be a LICSW or LCSW.  No LGSWs. 

  • Marriage and family providers must have an LMFT.

  • Pastoral counselors must be licensed as such or a fellowship level member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

  • Psychologists must have a doctorate and a license to practice.

  • Marriage and family providers must have an LMFT.

  • Psychiatrists must have an M.D. or a D.O. with proper accreditation in psychiatry.

  • Psychiatric nurses, drug and alcohol counselors, and other mental health professionals not covered here must follow their state’s regulations for proper licensing.

Will I need to complete forms or track sessions? 

Yes. We will provide you with a simple form to track your sessions monthly. 

My client has insurance, can I accept it?

No, the care packages they are fully covered. HOWEVER, if your client chooses to stay in services with you after the care package is used, they can use their insurance at that time. 

2. Agree with our vision. 

By registering with us, you agree that: 

You are a licensed mental health professional in good standing for the last two consecutive years in the state of West Virginia. 

You will conduct your practice using the highest ethical standards and respect and honor the dignity and individuality of those who seek your assistance.


You will offer appropriate sessions  according to the Care Package and then potentially transition client into your services if appropriate. 


You will provide mental health services only in areas you are qualified to practice.

You will take all precautions to ensure your relationship with your client(s) is safe and successful.

You have sufficient malpractice insurance coverage in place.

You will follow all mandatory reporting guidelines set by your state and licensing board.

You will notify ATRC if you are ever subject to disciplinary action or any other change in professional status within 30 days.

You will update your contact and license information when necessary and respond to all inquiries regarding your services.

You are aware that ATRC  does not pre-screen clients and disclaims all warranties and liabilities regarding its clients and liabilities. 

ATRC reserves the right to terminate your participation in our network with or without cause at any time.

3. Register. 

Join us in making a difference in the Mountain State. 

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